St-Maarten club jobs for exotic dancers are dream jobs of non-stop luxury vacation, relax and a lot of money.

Combine working and  your holiday. In St-Maarten it is so easy.

All year round you will have summer weather, beautiful view. The contracts are limited to 3 or 6 months.


We work with two amazing clubs on one of the most amazing islands, St-Maarten.

One of the clubs earned popularity among our Russian-speaking dancers, the other club is more popular among European dancers.

Both are perfect to work in.

The clubs is open from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. 7 days a week.

The club can hold about 200 to 300 customers at a time with 30 to 35 dancers working on average every night. 

The clubs have some standards for dancers they will be ready to hire. Dancers should preferably tall and skinny and in a good physical shape. Minimum age is 21 years old. Spoken English is a must.

​Dancers perform topless dances on stage and receive tips from customers. A dancer shall perform 3-6 stage shows per shift on rotation basis upon the schedule set forth by the club. A dancer keeps all the tips.


Dancers earn money on tips from stage, private dances, champagne with customers.

Private dances make a great part of earnings, not champagne.

Prices of private dances vary insignificantly in both clubs. We will send you a detailed info on demand.

The clubs operate on the basis of an American system, i.e. dancers pay levies to the club every night

(deducted from earnings every day and includes accommodation fee).  Dancers pay from 30 to 50 usd per day as levies.  

Dancers get all the earned money (after levies deduction) directly every day or the next day if a customer paid by a credit card.


Dancers will be met at the airport, helped, settled and instructed on what to do.

Dancers pay their tickets themselves.

Dancers work minimum 5 days per week.

Both clubs have a great earning potential of lots of thousands.

Contact us to get detailed information about the cost of the dances, shifts, etc per club